Awry thermostat settings at the hot restaurant

It was so hot tonight at the restaurant we were dining at that I asked them about the furnace settings! I thought that something might have been wrong with the furnace or with the thermostat because the temperature was so moderate inside of the restaurant. At first, I thought that it was just me. Was I the only one who was hot? I wondered, but then I noticed that all the people in the place were peeling off clothing. They were fanning themselves. I knew that they were all feeling moderate too, as well as the locale was so stuffy that it was just uncomfortable. The weather is heating up a lot outside these days and I personally believe that they should have already had the air conditioning on. Of course, I don’t have any pull in the restaurant where we were. I believe that it’s just about time to start running the air conditioner everywhere at this point. I am one of those people who loves the air conditioning throughout the whole year. I am always hot as well, so I usually go to locales that make sure to have their central air conditioners turned on early in the year. I believe I’m going to have to mark this place off of my list when it comes to that! It doesn’t really fit the mold for me because it’s already moderate outside. I asked them if their thermostat was broken but I believe that they just didn’t have the air conditioner turned on yet.


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