Big surprise with ductwork cleaning

I’m not sure why the radio advertisement caught my attention.

It’s not like I actually really tune in to commercials on my way to and from work.

But I heard an ad about an HVAC service that I knew nothing about. It wasn’t even our HVAC company that was do the radio spot. Still, I was intrigued because I knew nothing about ductwork cleaning at all. When I got home, I called our HVAC company to talk with them. We belong to the HVAC service plan which pretty much centers on HVAC maintenance. But from time to time we get offers for discounts on other HVAC services. Unfortunately, I tend to just toss all those coupons along with all the other junkmail. So that’s why I called the HVAC company. Indeed, they offered the ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing services. And for sure, I was getting the coupons and tossing the out. The lady at the HVAC company hooked me up with the discount anyway and I made an appointment for ductwork cleaning. The HVAC technicians came out right on time and were just so careful inside my home. I really appreciated that. And they even wore covers over their boots just to make sure. What I wasn’t prepared for was the amount of dust, debris and just outright funk that came out of our ductwork. I was overwhelmed and a bit grossed out by how much yuck these HVAC professionals took out of my house. But I was then pleasantly surprised by such a remarkable improvement in our indoor air quality. Wow, ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing were such a marvelous surprise.


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