Saved the heat pump yesterday

I realized it late and took the tarp off

I’m not exactly sure that my heat pump is fine so I did call the HVAC technician to be sure. But it’s still running after yesterday’s dumb move. My wife and I nearly choked out the heat pump yesterday. When we moved down here, it was with the intention of spending as much time outside of the central air conditioning as we could. We spent much of our adult lives in regions where the Winter weather prohibited us from being outside for almost half the year. And we also had big bills from the gas furnace in order to be stuck inside. When we got the opportunity to move down here, we took it. And since then, we’ve settled in to a great life and a shared passion for gardening. It’s not just the gardening as it’s also just creating a wonderful landscape on our 5 acres. This is the most space we’ve ever had. For sure, during the peak heating hours of the Summer, we try to get inside the air conditioning. So as we are enjoying the last weeks of Spring weather, we’re hustling to get our flower beds and garden squared away. When it got to lunchtime yesterday, we threw the tarp we’d been using to toss weeds into over the HVAC cabinet. We wanted it to dry while we ate lunch. Well, we forgot about it and the heat pump came on for hours. I realized it late and took the tarp off. It seems like everything is okay but having the HVAC technician give it the once over seems prudent. I’m sure hoping that we haven’t damaged the HVAC equipment with that dumb move.

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