Thankfully, she had air conditioning!

It’s a great thing that a/c is just about everywhere these days. I remember back when I was a kid; hardly anyone in my neighborhood had central air. Back then, only the rich people in town had breezy air conditioning. I really remember the first time that I went over to a friend’s home who had central air and I thought that it was the most amazing thing ever! Even though she wanted to play outside, with our dolls on the swingset, I refused to leave her house because I was enjoying the cold air that was coming out of the air vents in her room! She thought that I was really strange after that, but I explained to her that we didn’t have an air conditioner like that at my home as well and she kind of understood. She never did come over to play at my house, though. Of course, that was great with me because I wanted to go over to her locale during the summer time so that we could stand in the cool air conditioner instead of being outside in the heat all afternoon. It was just a great locale for me to be during those moderate summer time afternoons when I was a kid. She felt like I used her as a friend just so that I could get inside of her air conditioned house, as well as she would absolutely be right. She was nice enough, but I wouldn’t have been her friend if she didn’t have an air conditioner back then.

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