The project in the creepy house

I had to install a furnace in a really creepy house the other day; work doesn’t usually beckon me to go on calls by myself, but on that day, my coworker was sick at home, while I was at work.

It was really unfortunate for me, because I had to go to this really creepy place on the other side of town.

The house is at the end of a long driveway, up on top of a hill. The home was surrounded by a strange metal fence, giving off horror movie vibes from the moment I looked at it. I was not looking forward to going in there all by myself. I knew that I had to go in there to get their furnace up as well as running again because it’s still cold around here; Even though it’s spring now, we are still having a cold snap around where we live. Had it not been for that, I might’ve just left as soon as I saw the place! But I felt a little bit guilty when I threw the HVAC truck into reverse to leave, after I saw the house. I grabbed my stuff, went to the front door, as well as steeled myself to knock. It turned out that the people who lived in the house were just as creepy as the home itself! I couldn’t believe that I had to go into that house by myself. I was worried the whole time that I was inside. Would they lock me up in the basement? I got that furnace fixed up faster than anything I have ever done in my life!

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