Serious noises came from the heater downstairs

I care about my quiet & peace most of the time, however although I am a social butterfly, I guess there is a space & time for everything.

When I choose to meditate & stay quiet & alone, I do not like any interference or noises, fortunately, I option early nights & late nights to do my meditation away from ordinary life noises, however this one night as I reflected on the afternoon’s happenings & when preparing for monthly meditation sessions, I was startled by a loud bang; It was 1 am in the morning & there was no way anyone else was awake in the house.

I chose to ignore the sound & proceeded to start my meditation. It happened again about 30 minutes later & I was startled again. This time it was louder & more irritating as though someone was banging on the door downstairs. I could not ignore this one this time so I had to wake my spouse up to check it out, but my fear was that someone had broken into our home. My spouse lovingly woke up to check out the issue. It happened again when she had just woken up & she jumped into action, and grabbing a baseball bat & a flashlight, she went downstairs to check if there was something strange, however everything looked okay & untouched which is why she signaled me to joinhim. While there, the loud bang happened again & my associate and I knew exactly where it was coming from. The outdated boiler in our basement must have been the cause of the loud banging, then during the last Heating & Air Conditioning repair the Heating & Air Conditioning tech commanded us to get current heating equipment for our house, however she suspected that this outdated heating unit had done its time & it was only a matter of time before it broke down. Her first warning was that it would start with noises & that is when it hit us that it was finally happening.

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