There is nothing like having heated floors.

There is nothing like having heated floors in your home.

I remember visiting friends and family who had heated floors and I always envied them.

I used to get up every morning and put on a pair of fuzzy socks and then turn on a space heater under my office desk to help keep my feet warm, and I always wished I had heard floors. One day, I decided to go to the heating and cooling business and ask about different pricing options for radiant floor heating installations. After talking with a few different HVAC technicians and figuring out what kind of radiant floor heating I would want, I finally settled and got the heated flooring. A few days later some HVAC technicians came and installed the radiant heated flooring and got it all put together and ready to go for me. The next morning I was so happy to get out of bed and place my feet on a warm wooden floor. I no longer needed fuzzy socks or a portable space heater to keep my feet warm in the morning. I invited some friends over and showed them my new radiant heated flooring. My friends were so happy for me since they knew how much I wanted radiant heated flooring and now I finally have them. I made sure I scheduled at least two checkup appointments for my radiant heated flooring. The HVAC technicians suggested to have at least two inspections a year for heated flooring. Now that I have had heated flooring for so long, I can’t imagine life without it.

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Getting your unit inspected is a big deal

Getting your HVAC unit inspected is a really big deal.

I unfortunately had to learn this the hard way.

I got a new central air conditioner and a new hot water boiler system installed in my home. I loved my new HVAC units and enjoyed them a lot, but I didn’t know that I needed to get them inspected regularly. I remember the HVAC technician telling me when I first got the central air conditioner and hot water boiler installed that I needed to schedule an inspection twice a year, but it completely slipped my mind. After about three years of having my central air conditioner in hot water boiler systems, it finally dawned on me that I needed to get them inspected. I scheduled a day for an HVAC technician to come and inspect my central air conditioning unit and my hot water boiler. After the HVAC technician inspected my HVAC units, he told me I was lucky that I had him come in when he did. Apparently my central air conditioner severely needed some internal fixing, and my hot water boiler had a few problems and could have exploded if I had waited longer to get them inspected. The HVAC technician worked for a few hours to make sure my central air conditioner and hot water boiler were in good working condition again. While he was at my house, I started talking to him about different kinds of air filters and what kind is best. I decided to get an air filter for my central air conditioning unit so my air would be nice and clean.

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Why would I rent a room without HVAC?

I had rented a party room for my mom’s birthday.

I thought it sounded a bit odd when they told me to call them two days before the party, but the price was right.

I asked them if there was air conditioning and that was when he told me to call. I figured they kept the HVAC turned off when the party room wasn’t in use. I called the maintenance man the day before I was going to be using the room and told him I needed to enter the following morning so I could get the room decorated for the party. He told me he would meet me there and open the door. I was getting excited and I couldn’t wait for the surprise party. My sister and I got to the room and we turned on all the lights. It was quite warm inside and she went in search of the thermostat. After ten minutes, she said she didn’t think there was a thermostat. We called the maintenance man again and asked him about the thermostat. She said we needed some air conditioning in the room. He promised to be there in ten minutes. When he arrived, he was carrying what looked to be a portable air conditioner. My sister and I just stared at him and the contraption. I asked him why he wasn’t turning the air conditioner on. He said that he would as soon as he plugged it in. We both laughed and told him we didn’t want that. I called the owner of the party room and told him to keep the deposit, but we wouldn’t be using the room because there wasn’t any air conditioning.

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I’m back in the library again.

I thought that when I graduated college and got my own home, I would never need to go to a library again.

  • I didn’t mind studying in the library when I was a student.

The air conditioning and heating in the library was perfect. I could spend my entire day and evening sitting in the library. Anyone who has been to college and stayed in the dorms, can tell you the HVAC is the pits. The dorms at our college were the worst, from my point of view. Now, however, I have a home of my own. I love my home, and it has excellent HVAC. Although it is excellent, it is a machine and things can happen. That’s what happened to me. I have been working from home ever since I got my job. I love this arrangement because it allows me to work at my own speed and I get more done. Unfortunately, when the HVAC is working perfectly, it doesn’t allow me to be so productive. I was working on a presentation that was due the following week. I knew the house was feeling a bit colder than it should be. I checked the thermostat and sure enough, the temperature had dropped almost ten degrees. I called the HvAC company and told them about the furnace. I was told they couldn’t get there until the following day. I knew I could turn on a space heater, but they scared me. I headed to the library to get my work finished and then to a hotel. I knew I would have excellent heating in the hotel, and the HVAC in the library did not let me down.



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Air BnB’s are not the best way to go.

It did have its own bathroom, but we shared the rest of the house with the family

Sometimes I rely on my friends a bit too much. I had learned a long time ago, that before buying or trying, you should look at the reviews. Whether I was buying a care or a toaster, I would look at the reviews. I couldn’t figure out why staying someplace for my vacation should be any different, but it was. I was looking at different hotels for my partner and I. We looked at different types of Bed and Breakfasts. We wanted to spend two weeks at the beach. There were summer houses that we could rent, but they were all full. I was talking to a friend and he suggested we look at the Air BnB’s. He said he and his partner had stayed in one and they had a lovely time. There was a fireplace in the bedroom, along with a ductless HVAC if it got too warm or cool. There was a large tub big enough for too and a stand alone shower. This sounded perfect and we took his advice. We went online to find Air BnB’s in the area we wanted to vacation. There were only two in that area and one of them was booked up. I thought about looking at the reviews, but I heard how my friend boasted and changed my mind. I found out that not all Air BnB’s are the same. When we got there, we had a room on the second floor of someone’s home. It did have its own bathroom, but we shared the rest of the house with the family. We also had to share the HVAC and the temperature that suited them had cto suit us. We stayed one night, and moved to the local hotel.

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We needed to get the AC from the living room to the bedroom.

My college years all seem to be a blur.

  • I sometimes wonder how I got through this.

There was never enough money and no time to do anything but study and work. It makes me wonder how people can talk about all the fun they had while in college. Apparently they must have had some secret money coming in, or they were there on scholarships. Maybe they went to a college that didn’t work on their studies, but more on their fun. I remember crowding six roommates into an apartment that was made for four people. I remember the rent being affordable because the comforts were few. There were six of us that were living in an apartment that was meant for four. It was the only way we could afford the apartment. The only air conditioning was a single window AC unit that was in the living room. We all bought fans, hoping the fans would move the AC around and there would be some cooling action in the bedrooms. The couple of guys who lucked out and got to put cots in the living room, were cool all day and night. I guess none of us thought about this when we chose sleeping areas. If I could do it over again, I would have looked at the apartment a bit more closely. I wouldn’t have chosen one of the bedrooms because I would know there wasn’t air conditioning there. I’ll never be in the position again, which makes me happy. I now have excellent HVAC in my entire home, and that also makes me happy.


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I think I pushed the air conditioner out.

I hadn’t been happy with our air conditioning unit, since we moved into this old house. The HVAC inspector told us the AC unit was too small for the house. I tried to convince my husband that we needed a new AC unit, but he insisted we had to wait. I tried to tell him that at the least, we had to put an air vent in the office so I could work. I was tired of his being so lax about the whole thing. We didn’t have any air conditioning in the bedroom, either. I couldn’t figure out how he could sleep without the air conditioning. I went to town and bought a small window AC unit for the office, and a larger one for the bedroom. It was easy to get the air conditioning unit into the office. The window was a bit high, but I managed with the help of a step stool. The AC was light, which made it even easier. I had air conditioning in the office, and I was about to put an AC unit in the bedroom. I had it up the steps and I had the window open. All I had to do was balance the AC unit on the window sill until I had the window shut. I was using my knee and my free hand, when I realized it was tipping toward the outside. I heard my husband yelling up at me because he thought it was going to move. He chose the wrong time to yell. I looked down at him and the AC slid out the window. I’m wondering if I didn’t push it subconsciously hoping to see him need to jump out of the way.
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I joined a Facebook community center.

I was never someone who liked being on Facebook.

I think there are too many people who want to tell you about their daily habits, and I don’t care.

I also don’t like how there are so many people on Facebook who are only there to hurt others. Too many people get their feelings hurt, or are devastated by things that have been said in any of these communities. I had an online profile for all of five days before I deleted it. Then I went to work for my dad. I didn’t want to be an HVAC technician, but I thought it was the right thing to do. I didn’t realize that becoming an HVAC technician was the worst thing I could for myself, for almost five years. By then, I was so upset over the job, that I didn’t know which way to turn. I couldn’t believe that every HVAC tech was as happy as those who worked for my dad seemed to be. I knew I wasn’t the only HVAC tech who absolutely hated their job. I was surprised to find that there was an online community that was devoted totally to unhappy HVAC technicians. There were people from all over who didn’t like their jobs. I started talking to a couple of them and found out that many of these HVAC techs were pushed into the business the same way I had been. It was nice to know that I wasn’t alone. I’ve decided to stick with my dad’s HVAC company for a while, but only until I finish school and get a new career.
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He liked my HVAC system more.

Have you ever wondered what causes people to become attracted to one another.

  • I have been giving this a lot of thought lately.

Every date I have had in the last year, have been duds. It didn’t matter if the dates were blind dates, or internet dates, they all ended with the first date. I really thought this next day would be good. I met the guy when I was at my grandmother’s house. He seemed really nice when gran introduced him to me. She told me he was the newest HVAC technician to come to her house. He was new to the HVAC company she used and since all she was having done was the service to her AC unit; they sent him to her house. She laughed at me when I told her I thought he was cute. She said she thought he was cute too. When I got home that afternoon, there was a phone call from the cute HVAC tech, asking me out to dinner. I called him back, and we settled on him coming to my house. He brought the pizza, and I made the salad. We seemed to be having a nice time until he asked where my AC unit was. I told him and he disappeared. He spent the next three hours working on my AC. It was nice to get work done for free, but it wasn’t nice for a date. I felt like he liked my air conditioning unit more than he likes me. It was our first and last date.


He liked my HVAC system more.

I don’t miss my work; just the office.

I would have never thought it would be possible to miss an office. I have liked my job ever since I started. The camaraderie between the employees made it an enjoyable place to be. The HVAC system and air purification made it the most comfortable building I have ever been in. I have now been out of the office for almost three months because of the Covid virus. I am still working and doing just as much work as I have ever done. I get my work done much quicker because I don’t have people to slow me down. There isn’t anyone to talk to, which makes it easier. I have excellent HVAC at home, which also helps me to get my work done. I have heard where most of the cities are opening up their doors again. This scares me in a lot of different ways. I don’t like going back to work and bringing the virus home to my family. I don’t want to see any of us get this horrible virus. As much as I hated being quarantined, I also didn’t enjoy going out until this is over. I’m glad I can continue working from home until the virus ends. I have to admit that I don’t miss working, since I already do, but I do miss the office. My home HVAC is amazing, but we don’t have the air purification that we had at work. I would go back to work, just for their HVAC system. Maybe I can call the HVAC company and have an air purifier installed into my home HVAC system.


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